No heating or hot water?

Try these 5 simple steps to check your boiler before calling us.

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Check the basics

Do you have a prepayment meter? If you do, check that you’ve got enough credit. Are your other gas appliances, such as your cooker hob, working? Have the switches in your fuse box tripped?

BSW Heating Limited

Have you had a power cut recently?

If you have, the timer on your boiler may have reset. Re-programming it could solve the issue. Have a look at your instruction manual, or visit the manufacturer’s website, for instructions on how to do this.

BSW Heating Limited

Check the pressure

If your boiler’s pressure gauge is at one bar or less, low pressure could be the issue. Your boiler’s manual will tell you how to top up the pressure.

BSW Heating Limited

Turn your thermostat up

Turn your thermostat to 21 degrees or higher to see if your boiler starts working.

BSW Heating Limited

Reset your boiler

If your boiler was installed before 2004 it will probably have a pilot light. Check that this hasn’t gone out. If it has, refer to the boiler’s manual to see if you can relight it. For newer boilers, check the instructions for resetting it.

Still no heating or hot water?

If these tips haven’t worked, and you are still without heating or hot water,
please call us on

020 8763 5300
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