Dartford Civic Centre project is handed over

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Our project to refurbish the roof top boiler room at Dartford’s Civic Centre has been handed over. The works included replacing the inefficient 40-year-old cast iron sectional boilers. We installed energy saving Remeha Gas 220 Ace condensing boilers. These free-standing boilers are lightweight and easy to move in to position. The boilers have all connections and pipework entering from the top which provided us with flexibility as to how they were positioned. We were able to speedily install the four boilers side by side. The small footprint of these boilers has provided easier access in the boiler room and will simplify future maintenance and servicing. Paul Koster, Building Manager at Dartford Borough Council, is happy with the result “The difference in size and functionality of the boilers is amazing. We now have total control over the heating system and hope to see a significant saving in running costs”.

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